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Insurance Claims in Alpharetta, GA 

Let Us Handle Insurance!

Has your home or business been struck with storm damage? Do you need to file an insurance claim, but don’t know what steps to take? Here at Perimeter Roofing Alpharetta GA, we handle all insurance claims! From your free roof inspection to meeting with your insurance adjuster, we will be there for you every step of the process. 

Over the years, we have created great relationships with numerous insurance companies across the nation, so we can help you get the most coverage for your roof. Whenever your roof is damaged, it is a headache by itself, so let us take the load off you by handling your insurance claim. Our goal is to make your insurance claim for your roof replacement or repair as simple as possible. Perimeter Roofing Alpharetta GA is here to be your advocate, so trust us to take care of your home or business. 

Insurance Companies We Work With

insurance companies

State Farm – USAA – Farmers – American Family – Safeco – Farm Bureau – Travelers – Progressive – Mercury – Liberty Mutual – CSI – Hartford – National General – AAA – Allstate – Nationwide – Universal Insurance – Auto Owners – Amica – Geico

Don’t see your insurance company? These are just a few of the many insurance companies we work with. Contact us to learn more!

Roof Services Alpharetta GA 

Alpharetta GA Roof Installation Cost 

If you are considering roof replacement, you may be asking yourself how much it will cost. However, we cannot give you a simple answer. This is because roof cost varies based on the type of home, the roof’s size, and your roofing style. Often, there are also additional damages that need to be addressed. This said, in our many years of roof installation Alpharetta, GA, our costs have ranged from $2,800 to as much as $100,000. There will also be a drastic price difference in residential and commercial roof installation prices. But our roofing contractors in Alpharetta, GA will assist you with finding the best roof at fair and competitive prices. For your free estimate, call us today

Alpharetta GA Roofing Warranties

All the roofing Alpharetta, GA products, materials, and systems we sell come with a full manufacturer’s warranty. We can discuss the specifics of your product warranties during our consultation with you. However, our labor warranty covers workmanship for 5 years. With these two great warranties, you can feel confident when our expert roofing contractors install your new roof. 

Tips For Filing Storm Damage Claims

Hire an Experienced Roofer

Hire an Experienced Roofer

Keep All Documents of Damage

Keep All Documents of Damage

Take Photos of Damage

Take Photos of Damage Quickly

Frequently Asked Questions

Natural disaster damage to your roof is typically covered by your homeowner’s insurance policy. Hurricanes, fallen trees, lightning, and random falling debris are all examples of natural disasters. Certain types of storm or damage may have a larger deductible, so be sure to check with your agent for additional details.

Roof repairs should be taken care of immediately to enhance the likelihood that your policy will cover them. Long-term roof leaks aren’t covered in a standard homeowner’s insurance policy. This is why it’s so important to have your roof routinely inspected for damage, cracked or missing roofing shingles, or other signs of deterioration.

The age of your roof isn’t usually a determining factor in whether or not your roof damage is covered by insurance. However, as your roof gets older, your annual premium will most likely increase. Roofs older than 10 years will most likely be reimbursed for their depreciated value rather than the entire cost of a replacement roof under some plans. Perimeter Roofing Alpharetta works with most home insurance providers to provide the finest roof replacement coverage. Call us for a free consultation if you have any questions about submitting an insurance claim.